BERTINETTO - Browser Web


The smaller mini-browser that exists on the web.

This navigation software freeware you totally safe and fast viewing on your favorite websites, because its strength is the required minimum of resources from your computer.

BERTINETTO - occupies only 282 Kb Web browser on your Windows system and keyless unnecessary and complicated menus ... And 'this is strictly necessary solely for browsing on the Internet!


- Pentium processor with 128 MB RAM, video card 640x480 16bit

- Operating system Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher

- Microsoft 2.0

If it is a lightweight web browser software you need, no clutter, online updates, or other amenities, download the file and install 'BERTINETTO - Browser Web':

 27/02/2010 DOWNLOAD file ver 1.4 ---> BERTINETTO - Browser Web <--- DOWNLOAD file ver 1.4


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