Rings Yours Yours - 11-06-2024

I created this new image on Commodore Amiga, also on a CPU 68060 mounted on an A1200 Micronik. The computation times were long due to the numerous reflections and the high number of polygons for the two rings. To further extend the computation time, I added a glass base, thus with reflections and refractions. I must say that I really like the result.
I created this image over several days because Lightwave imposed limits on the number of polygons used (65536) per ring. So, I had to start over from the design and remove the polygonal inscription from inside the ring. Thus, I opted for a bump texture, created with a separate rendering and then cut out through the Crop function of ArtEffect 4.
The structure of the scene seems simple but it is not, since I had to use various tricks to complete it. The material used for the outer surface of the jewelry is matte steel, so I used Fractal Noise as a procedural texture, with a very 'dense' factor. Therefore, an intense play of reflections. The same work for the first ring 'Always Yours' and then for the second 'Always Yours'.
I chose not to focus too much on the background, using dark tones to highlight the rings.

Important and ancient promises received, upon reflection, if one still thinks about them, are undoubtedly still true today! Eons pass and the old forcefully emerges, but in the end, it is something beautiful that few have the fortune to experience... Bonds that transcend distance and time, living in the memories of a person never seen again.

Follows the IFF format created with Lightwave 5.0 on a real Amiga: Download


Screenshots of the scene in Lightwave and ArtEffect 4, at work on Amiga 1200 Micronik: