Kronos - The Time Tunnel - 04/02/2024

I love movies and TV series from the fifties and sixties. Actually, I enjoy cinema in general, but these pioneering works always take priority for me.

So, from the online channel (https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7vy92g), I recently revisited some episodes of this series KRONS (The Tunnel Machine) that glued me to the TV as a child!

So, after many delays, I've been working these days in between various breaks from studying/working on my Commodore Amiga to create this 3D themed image, using the usual Lightwave 5.0.

There weren't any major difficulties. I extracted the textures from some frames of videos of computers from that time and characteristic coil furniture, and then applied them to the objects modeled in Modeler. The tunnel is nothing but a hollow cone with alternating white and black colored faces entirely without textures; it's a pure model. The humanoid models of the protagonists (Tony Newman and Doug Phillips) in the tunnel, ready for time travel, were positioned using skeletal procedures. The shocks are created using the VertyElectric plugin in Modeler, while the light effects are activated with the Glow option. I used many light points to give the right 'energetic' tones inside the tunnel. Additionally, ambient light was zeroed out to give value to a clearer spot type, since in the movie, the area behind the tunnel is always completely dark and not visible, while the computer area is well lit.

Two renderings were done since for the title 'The Time Tunnel', a new scene was used with a polygonal face without texture but with a clip image, which 'pierced' the view and then dissolved 50%, so in the background, the previously calculated image was used.

The result is what you see, and the rendering times on a blizzard 1240 were not so long (just over 2 hours) due to the cancellation of shadows for most lights with object interaction.

One day it will be discovered that physical displacement is ineffective due to energy displacement, which will allow us to move through space and time with just one step beyond the barrier of an artificial portal... thousands of years or kilometers will be irrelevant!

Additionally, I am attaching the image created on a real Amiga in IFF format for the background: Download


Screen shot Lightwave scene on real Amiga:


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