I created this other image again on the Commodore Amiga platform using Lightwave. The idea came to me a few years ago as I passed by a Votive Pillar in complete decay. I still observe this old religious monument, and every time I try to make out the frescoes that once adorned it... Now only a few traces remain, but by squinting, one can still recognize the Madonna with a slightly sideways glance, with open hands and palms turned toward each other, and in the middle, suspended in mid-air, a luminous golden heart decorated with a ruby.

So, after a series of photographs that were carefully examined, I got to work armed with pencil and paper to reproduce what seemed to have been there... So, a first draft. From there, I digitally colored the sketch with Art Effect, still on the Amiga.

Then, with Lightwave 3D, I added roughness based on the original fresco taken from a photographic shot, overlaying it on my drawing (bump effect). Later, I applied my newly created fresco to a 3D model of the pillar that I built, and then the cobbled road, some grass (fiber factory), and an image of a forest in the background. The game is done! This way, you can see the textures of the pillar applied to the object as it is in reality, on its roadside face, to be applied symmetrically in a cubic way on all sides of the object. The restored fresco is only the frontal one, as the others on the remaining sides were really too faded and unrecognizable.

I don't know how many more years this religious monument can withstand the elements, given its significant decay. In any case, my work regarding the forgotten pillar on Mount Bracco near Envie, on the cobbled road leading to the Chapel of San Bernardo on the watershed with Rifreddo, will remain. The Pillar bears a name that I believe to be that of its creator, a certain Michele Martino.

The following is a detail of the recreated fresco:


-You can download the 3D image created with Amiga Classic of the votive pillar here: DOWNLOAD IFF

-You can download the 3D image created with Amiga Classic of the recreated fresco here: DOWNLOAD IFF


The original Votive Pillar in a very deteriorated state:

Shot on Amiga platform to work:

The scene of Lightwave and fresco with Art Effect