I created this image quite quickly since it consists of only three geometric elements. The prism is not one of the Modeler's primitives, but I started with a cube and closed off the vertices at the top. The incoming light beam is a simple elongated cylinder, while the rainbow is made up of six parallelepipeds (one for each color) resized from the exit side. Refraction was applied to give the effect of glass thickness. I should also mention that the shadows in the scene were turned off as they were not needed here. All elements are outlined with a glow effect.

The rendering was fast and within the capabilities of the Amiga computer from the time it was created, taking about an hour of computation on a 68030 CPU running at 50MHz with an FPU. Maximum anti-aliasing for 1280x1024 pixels.

Well, this image is my 3D graphic reinterpretation of the Pink Floyd's song "TIME." A song with highly meaningful lyrics that I deeply resonate with. It has various parts with diverse references, but the core revolves around the passage of time, both the past and the present. Lost moments... Watching the rain fall from the window and everything rushing by quickly...

I can say that despite a very full and productive life, there are many past moments I've chased but never reached, buried by time. However, I want to believe that nothing is ever truly lost because what has passed has shaped us into the person we are today. Just like the beam of light that traverses time, passes through the prism, and emerges as a rainbow; even past moments, perhaps distant, have served in a certain way to become something else. Everything happens at the right moment, and if something is too early, it will surely reappear in the future in a different form so that it all fits perfectly into subsequent moments, even after many years!

Here you can listen to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr0-7Ds79zo

Here you can view the lyrics: https://legendarycover.it/testi-traduzioni/pink-floyd/time/


Qui possibile scaricare l'immagine calcolata direttamente su Amiga in formato IFF e compressa in ZIP: DOWNLOAD


Screenshot with the scene loaded in Lightwave 3D 5.0 on a Commodore Amiga 1200.