Pencil drawings


28-02-2023 - Café Terrace at Night, Place du Forum - Vincent Van Gogh 1888

The idea of creating this drawing came to me one evening after a dinner with my students in Saluzzo while I was accompanying a colleague home. An alley appeared dark, with lighting very similar to that of Van Gogh's painting, which I reproduce here in pencil...
I often wonder when I observe photos and paintings of the past, especially those from the 1800s, what were the thoughts, plans, words of those people depicted and immortalized for eternity. Ideas now buried in time but extremely alive in that past period. It is clear that the life revolving around that lively place for the people present at the time and those of today in any modern inn are not so different!
The nineteenth century of the last century is an extraordinary period culturally from every point of view. Sometimes I happen to go to Turin and I always try to take the opportunity to lean on the counter of some historic bar for a quick coffee, to imagine a bit of that 'ancient' atmosphere and then quickly run away towards the commitments of life.
It is interesting to note how the artist dedicated much effect to the stars or the nocturnal illumination provided by the light of candles and oil lamps. It really makes you think, because these are peculiarities that attract me very much to Van Gogh.
How strange the events of life can be, for a man so opposed in his time as Van Gogh was, and now many facts and places thanks to him have become extremely famous. Going to Arles and positioning oneself exactly where the artist was to create this work, with the same view, must be something very exciting!

Some shots during the creation phase...