Finally, this webpage dedicated to pencil drawing is beginning to take on a fairly definitive shape, in its simplicity. I had started to gather some sketches on my site just to keep them archived, so as not to lose them, since all the sporadic doodles I had made before had always disappeared irretrievably. Then the workload increased, and therefore a subsequent 'reorganization' was necessary, but it still wasn't enough because over the course of a few years, the drawings I made became many dozens, not counting those that remained only on paper...

I used to draw a lot as a kid during elementary school, and especially during middle school. It's a strange age because then adolescence takes you in other directions, perhaps deviating from what would have been a good path for my vocation. What a curious term 'vocation' for something! So, there was a break of about 30 years, during which many other things were accomplished in other fields, and then everything in drawing resumed at a certain point due to a coincidence of 'singular motivations'...

So at the age of 43, I started working a lot with pencil, on my own, as a self-taught valid anti-stress solution. Maybe I haven't reached the levels I had when I was much younger, but I plan to gradually grow to regain the full vigor of the past. Some friends advised me to take some courses but then I didn't do anything.

I come back to the term 'vocation,' and I really like this idea regarding my situation in drawing, given that I did everything by myself. If I were to attend a course, could I still think it's a vocation? I don't think so, since vocation is something that comes from the person and manifests itself through a series of unique characteristics of the individual... I admire people who are better than me and have taken courses to improve, but are these artists good because it's really in their nature to be so, or are they good because of what they have learned from others through a paid course? I want to be different, as usual, and I continue on this path independently, creating my doodles with the awareness that many may not like them and that there are many more talented people than me. However, my hand reproduces the characteristics of my essence that I don't want to be tainted by any kind of external training...

After this phase of 'hand revival' between the ages of 43 and the current 48, I begin to give vent to disseminative ideas in this new field for me, and I have several projects in mind on the subject... Which I will reveal little by little.

Now I leave you to my pencil drawings. A simple tool, and I can say that I don't use anything else; even the eraser from my point of view is a 'dark tool'. If I make a mistake, most of the time, I retouch by going over it until the error is nullified. The eraser is a tool used rarely, only in cases of irretrievable emergency. Well, yes, of course, there's the sharpener and the sheet of paper, but those are absolutely indispensable!

I won't dwell any further, and here are my pencil drawings for you, which you can also find with descriptions in English:


Saluzzo via Palazzo di Cittą

The Star Observer

Café Terrace at Night, Place du Forum - Vincent Van Gogh 1888

Mother of Vincent Van Gogh - Anna Cornelia Carbentus, October 1888

Self-portrait Vincent Van Gogh 1889-90 in pencil

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night over the Rhone in pencil

Van Gogh - Starry Night - Pencil for Saluzzo Exhibition


From this point onwards, I begin the dissemination in English of my pencil drawings. I seize the opportunity of my upcoming first exhibition to pursue this other intention...

List of old drawings aimed at practice but without any specific meaning:

Old works automatically translated with Google Translate