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Creating video games has always been my dream since I was a kid with my little Commodore 64.  Now that many years have passed I decided to create a site for someone like me, who want to create a game all by himself with a few lines of code in C / C + +.
I've always been of the view that manipulate the graphical environment of a computer is one of the most difficult aspects of programming.
In the books available for download from this site are explained through practical examples, systems based on routine implementation of the most popular in video games such as scrolling, viewing of bitmaps, sound, game controls, sprites, etc ...
 Just to meet guys like me, have the dream to write your own video game, I wrote these books in which I explain step by step, starting from scratch, how to create a fully-functioning game under Windows or linux both 2D and 3D.Click on the links to find out how to have them.
In addition, the big news of this site, after an interminable work that lasted nearly two years, I finally completed the book in my final opinion on allegro.h and allegGL.h. To get it follow the link below ...

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Also, if you need any help are always present.



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