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Monotraining method for ultratrail


 Many years have gone by now since that indelible 2005, when alone in my area (Saluzzo), I had begun to prepare myself for the long journeys on foot, a specialty that I would later begin to call ultratrail ... Today there are many fans of this adventurous and hard sport; I was happy to have helped to make it known to people, thanks to some 'old' articles that appeared in local newspapers ... The rest is history as they say and I owe everything to the technique of weekly Monotraining for never having injured myself in any way in the my long career in this young discipline!

I finally decided to create this page about my great passion for ultratrail. A specialty that indelibly marked me in 2006, with my participation in the first Cromagnon ... A real challenge for me was that race, since I had no support or advice on which to base myself regarding the right preparation, apart from my knowledge professional in other sports fields ... With difficulty I was able to finish it. Now I can consider myself a 'mature' ultratrailer and eager to pass on the experience accumulated over the years to other athletes, eager to start or improve their performance.

Being able to cover extreme distances on foot in short times is within the reach of all those who really want it!








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UltraTrail eBook


A 72km walk/run from Envie to Alba


Small walking route: Envie, Montebracco, Madonna della Neve Chapel, and return


Translated in English: All the peaks of Bisalta - First outing after the injury in Casteldefino


Neander Trail 2009, 52km - Good result with the Weekly Single-Training Technique


Pian Muné - Casteldelfino, to Alpina Bookstore by Fusta Editore and back


Travel Trail in Spain of 37km, from Sant Pere Pescador to Figueres (Dalí Museum)


Translated in English: The 58km Ring of the Ducklings Trail under scorching heat!


Translated in English: UltraTrail, 72 km at 'Le porte di pietra' 2011


Site inspection towards the abandoned tracks of the train from Saluzzo to Moretta


Weekly Single Training Technique at the Turin Book Fair 2023


Translated into English: Walking adventure to Pinerolo for a good coffee and back (62km)


Translation in English - Feat: double consecutive lap of Monviso.


Third edition book 'UltraTrail con il Monoallenamento' is finally available in Italian language.


Grand Trail Valdigne 2011 - 100km


Translated into English: From Envie to the Chapel of San Ponzio(Castellar) passing through San Bernardo and Revello



Fusta Editore and I working on the third edition of the Mono-workout. Almost there now!



On foot on the edge of the Po Valley: Monte Frioland


CroMagnon 2014 with the weekly Monotraining - translated in English


English translation - Walking Francigena Ultramaraton for Stefano Ruspantini


Translation into English. Hybrid Bike / Trail adventure of 110km Envie-Colle Sellerie (or Selličre) and back.


Article experience with Monotraining for Francesco e Pietro:

My finisher at 100 mile of Monviso 2022


July 16, 2022 - 48km from Pian Munč, Valle Varaita between Templar paths, up to Saluzzo school Rosa Bianca


TRAVEL TRAILER: Torrid heat from Lacona to Monte Calamita and back (Elba Island)