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Ultratrail with weekly Monotraining: How to tread long distances on foot - With only workout by week (English Edition) Formato Kindle


Do you love nature? Do you like exercise, but get bored in the gym? Are you just curious, and like the idea of giving it a try to test over your limits? Then this manual, is perfect for you. The winning combination of single-session training with Ultratrail is the safe way to become an athlete. Guaranteeing result: one training session for week that you will by running longer distances in a gradual, risk-free way.


I wrote this book for the common ultratrailer and with average skills. It is not a book about the 'stratospheric' performances of the champions. In the pages of 'UltraTrail and the weekly Monotraining' a hypothetical aspirant with a healthy body and not overweight, will be guided starting from a 'zero point' to finish the considerable distance of 100km and more, on mixed offroad routes to enormous differences in height ... The topics contained in the manual are the most diverse: material to use, mental conditioning, energy saving, improvement of metabolic efficiency, training strategies, habits of famine and fatigue, gait management, evolutionary bases, etc. ..

The singularity of this book, however, is the proposal to practice trail and ultratrail only once a week in order to preserve the highest longevity of the athletic period. Too often the motto of 'more and better' is combined in an activity such as that of long distances on foot, where recovery times are a fundamental that cannot be given up. The competitive career in ultratrail, with the right precautions, can be among the most lasting of the entire existing sports background.

All the contents of 'UltraTrail and the weekly single training' are the result of a real field test that has accompanied me since 2005 in the preparation of extreme distances, with the distance of many thousands of km. In this manual you will not find empty theoretical notions but only concrete facts of real life!

Furthermore, the competitive sphere is not only contemplated but also the amateur one in general, especially for what concerns the 'solo enterprises', or 'simply' the pleasure of becoming able to manage enormous distances thanks to the strength of one's legs, in absolute self-sufficiency, just for the sake of being in the midst of nature as our ancestors did a few millennia ago.
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